The panels are used to adjust the acoustical environment for airports, railroad stations, concert halls, restaurants and other public places. Sound absorption can be achieved thanks to the perforated design of the panels and the sound absorbing underlay or air under the panels.

acoustic panelsacoustic panelsacoustic

Sound absorption becomes an essential issue when designers works on public places such as airports, rail-road stations, bus stations, galleries, theaters, hotels, restaurants, conference centers and many more. Acoustic panels produced by Technomar & Adrem help to create acoustically friendly environment. It is strongly advised that designers consult with an acoustician to achieve best results. The sound absorption is achieved thanks to the slots in the panels and their correct configuration in air space.

Different pattern perforations are possible:


Acoustic Birch Plywood Panels at Tennis Courts in Norway:

Acoustic Birch Plywood PanelsAcoustic Birch Plywood Panels

Panels produced by Technomar & Adrem can be used as Wall or Ceiling Panels depending on the fixing profile used. For more information please visit installation guide.