Choice of colors and veneers

Our top layer plywood layer is available in wide variety of colors. Some examples are available below.

colors and veneers

Instead of painting we also provide veneered top layer. Some examples are available below.


Panels Decoration:

Veneers choice: Stains choice:
Birch Coil Black
Oak Sea Blue
Ash Coral
Walnut Yellow Lemon
Beech Natural Yellow

*These are just sample Veneers and Stains. Other solutions are possible. 

Panels Sizes & Properties

Lengths 600, 800, 1200, 2400
Widths 400, 600, 1200
Lengths 2 500, 750, 1500
Widths 2 500, 750, 1500
Thickness 10, 12,13 mm
Surface UV- Lacquer
Plywood weight 700 kg/m2
CBPB weight 1400 kg/m2